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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

I love the workouts! My arms muscles have tightened and I have more muscle definition in my shoulders with dimples. My triceps don’t dangle down like they used to, but have pulled up and tightened. My legs have toned as well with dimples in my butt cheeks and my bum has lifted up and I have more definitions in my hamstrings so my legs look toned on both sides. I’ve also gotten my flexibility back from the cool downs, which I know helps to decrease injury. On a funny note, I used to use pliers to pull the zippers up on my boots because of my large calves. Now my calves have tightened and toned and I don’t need to use pliers anymore for my boots!

Jerylin C

I have been doing these workouts for over a year. Workouts are about 40 minutes and are good at giving me a whole-body workout.
My muscles have become tightened and toned, especially my thighs. My legs have slimmed and look great.
I started going to gym classes a few years ago, but I always found them to be the same style of workout and encouraged heavy weights, with warm-ups that didn’t really prepare me for a workout and cool downs that didn’t stretch and decrease soreness.
Many workouts I’ve tried include jumps and other moves that strain my knee, but Collette’s workouts are always low impact with modifications for leg work to help me with my knee problems.

Daryl F.

Highly recommend, with great workouts and stretching that helped my knee! Arm was in a cast and I was still able to do workouts safely without out losing much tone. She's extremely informative and only wants to help women stay healthy and fit.

Jen W.

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